Video Clip! Me Ra Koh, Nate Berkus & My Metals

Woohooty!!! I’ve been waiting for this clip to become available – I was SO EXCITED to see this! Again, HUGE thanks to Nate, Me Ra and my staff for making this happen!

2 Responses to “Video Clip! Me Ra Koh, Nate Berkus & My Metals”

  1. DAWN DAVIS says:

    So excited to see Me Ra on the Nate Berkus Show. We love CANVAS ROX and we love the metal panels. xoxoxxo ~ Dawn

  2. Fay Schuler says:

    Got my canvas 2 days ago and yes–IT ROX! I am giving this as a Christmas present to my daughter (she and 2 of her children are in photo). I am so excited for her to see it; she is going to freak!
    Thank you!!!

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